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Lance Dos Ramos Musico Artista Cantante Singer Artist Actor


Let MUSIC guide your life

From an early age, his ease of expression, charisma and picardy took him to connect with the public through acting in soap operas, in addition to being part of one of the most important dance academies in his native country. Lance is a Venezuelan of Portuguese descent with an artistic vision that led him to work in large advertising campaigns for important trademarks in Latin America, which led him to continue forming acting.

Always working with a firm premise: using his comprehensive preparation as a source of opportunities to project himself in the highly competitive artistic world. Lance showed skills and abilities in different areas of television, which prompted him to take the first steps in his acting career. In this way, Lance integrated high caliber cast with leading characters in renowned soap operas and great global projection. This contributed to create an important acting career that makes him an integral artist.

In conjunction with his professional growth, Lance took advantage of his skills as a footballer and knowledge as an athlete to conduct his own sports show aimed at a young audience in an open signal on Canal Meridiano TV, from Caracas and throughout Venezuela, including the international projection through cable operators. Hosting and the modeling were solid experiences that flirted in his artistic journey. However, Lance was always focused on the search of his professional growth to be able to express himself beyond the obvious.

Lance starts his creative process in an area that since childhood called his attention: Music, has as its primary objective and motto “Never limit yourself in life but progress more and more every day”. For that same reason, he decided to expand his horizons to new facets related to art that allow him to see his dreams come true reaping the fruits of his learning and past experiences. Dynamism, action, sensuality and explosion of urban sound are brilliantly captured in their melodies with chords of guitars, gypsy influences and synthesizers.

Thus, the artist shows his first musical work developed together with important producers of the industry, where feelings and experiences are captured to evoke moments that will make hearts vibrate. His lyrics transmit emotions through ideas that do not stop flowing in his mind. These are taken to the studio, in orther to connect, dance and enjoy with the audience.

Lance Dos Ramos Music Singer Artist Actor

Photography © 2017 José Mago | @magovisual

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